Who we are = how we communicate.

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Are you ready to become more visible at work?

Would you like to move your employees beyond ‘compliant’ to ‘motivated’?

Would you like to harness the potential of your diverse workforce?

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Your organization needs to grow and thrive.  You know you have to maximize the potential of your workforce.   Your employees are diverse – reflecting the communities you serve.  You need to become a more inclusive organization, where employees feel empowered to innovate and succeed.

Customers are demanding it.  Research supports it.

Diversity training that is skilled-focused and results-oriented is just the ticket.

A diverse work force can lead to innovation and resiliency.  Difference can also lead to misunderstanding, misperception and conflict.  We can help you bridge difference through communication brilliance.

Who we are leads to how we communicate.  It’s as simple as that.

Open the lines of communication and see what’s possible.

Benefits of working with Open Line

  • Tailor your communication to the receiver – see your ideas become action
  • Craft clear messages that will influence and motivate
  • Embrace difficult conversations with anyone
  • Unleash innovation by understanding how diversity drives communication
  • Empower employees to be “seen and heard”, rising to new levels of performance
  • Gain “cultural competence”: see how culture influences behaviour and stop walking on eggshells
  • Bring out the best in others by allowing them to bring their whole selves to work
  • Influence and create change within your organization
  • Improve morale, reduce conflict, create a workplace that is creative, dynamic engaged
  • Bring your organization’s diversity strategy into action


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