Diversity and Inclusion

Studies show that a diverse workforce is more productive, innovative, and profitable. It’s easy to talk the talk.

But how can you ensure your team members walk the walk, and gain the true value of difference in the workplace?

Most diversity training helps create understanding and increased awareness of difference.  We’ll help you put that theory into action, bridging differences and making connections.

Diversity 101

Too often, employees regard diversity training as just one more example of mandatory “political correctness” in the workplace. How can you overcome the clichés and engage employees in creating a more inclusive culture? By showing how unconscious bias affects them every day, and revealing the benefits of overcoming it.

This workshop introduces fundamental concepts of diversity and inclusion, including what makes a diverse workplace and why it matters. With sessions tailored to your industry and context, participants gain practical tools to challenge bias, navigate interactions, and gain value from differences.


Minding the Gap – Connecting the Generations at Work

Baby boomers, Gen X, Millenials and now Gen Z? The generation gap has officially arrived at the office.

Four (and a half) generations and bring different values and world-views, shaping expectations of and approaches to work. And, as with every generation gap, this can lead to misunderstanding, frustration and conflict.

In this session, participants gain insight into this demographic shift, and how it’s changing every industry and every sector. With a deeper understanding of what drives each cohort, leaders can communicate and collaborate more effectively with each generation.


Inclusive Communication

You have a team to motivate, a client to engage or a colleague to collaborate with. They’re all different with distinct needs and styles. How to connect with them all? Challenging? Yes. Impossible? No way.

As the makeup of today’s workforce evolves, understanding how to connect and engage with everyone becomes ever more challenging. Research shows that diverse teams are better innovators and problem-solvers. It’s worth the effort.

This hands-on session explores how differences in culture – including gender and generation – are manifested in daily interactions with colleagues and customers.  Increase your awareness of difference, and learn to minimize conflict and communicate with greater clarity, precision and impact.


Gender Insight for Strong Work Relationships

Organizations with gender balance are more innovative, more flexible and yes, more profitable.  Great idea, you say, but difficult to achieve? Recent brain research shows that men and women are actually wired to communicate differently, and bring different strengths to leadership.

This workshop will help to bridge the gap with research-based gender insights. We’ll examine different tendencies in communication, understand the role of unconscious bias, and explore how to build trust with colleagues.


Power Up: Leadership Communication for Women

Are you a woman who is ready to step up and be more influential at work? Stepping into leadership means being truly visible. Everyone says to “be more assertive,” “lean in,” and “live your personal brand”…but how?

This session helps you tap your own powerful combination of authority and authenticity. Drawing on research, you’ll learn how women can uniquely leverage their strengths to wield serious clout. Challenging the notion of a ‘confidence gap’, uncover more useful ways to manage self-doubt, build resilience, and convey presence and composure every time you communicate. It’s time to crack the glass ceiling.