Leadership Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of great leadership; driving healthy cultures and engaged teams.

Powerful communication will amplify your presence at work, helping you to be seen, heard and trusted.

Power Up: Leadership Communication for Women

Are you a woman who is ready to step up and be more influential at work? Stepping into leadership means being truly visible. Everyone says to “be more assertive,” “lean in,” and “live your personal brand”…but how?

This session helps you tap your own powerful combination of authority and authenticity. Drawing on research, you’ll learn how women can uniquely leverage their strengths to wield serious clout. Challenging the notion of a ‘confidence gap’, uncover more useful ways to manage self-doubt, build resilience, and convey presence and composure every time you communicate. It’s time to crack the glass ceiling.


Executive Presence

Ever wonder why some leaders seem to exude confidence – as soon as they walk into the room? An inspiring leader is authentic, comfortable in their skin, and able to speak with clarity, conviction and assurance.

This is leadership presence. Subtler than mere ‘charisma’, presence is the embodiment of poise and gravitas. We know it when we see it, but the quality can feel elusive. The great news is that it’s an attribute that can be developed and honed.

This advanced workshop will refine your ability to connect and communicate in a way that projects gravitas and inspires trust.

Communicating change

First, the bad news: research shows that 70% of change initiatives fail. The good news: how a change message is communicated can make or break its success.

Whether you’re launching a new vision or sustaining support for an existing initiative, how you convey your ideas determines whether people buy in – or opt out.

This workshop will help you develop targeted change/transformation messages that resonate with how your audience thinks and feels. You’ll learn to convey your messages powerfully and authentically.

Using stories in business

You’re a pretty good speaker. You’ve gotten over your nerves (mostly) and can put your ideas together clearly and concisely. Now you’re ready to take it to a new level.

Whether it’s a one-to-one conversation, a presentation or a speech to a large audience, the best communicators use storytelling principles to help others see and feel what they mean. Story trumps data dumping every time. This workshop will help you use stories to craft messages that stick.