Presentation Skills Programs

You have an idea to share. A funding request. A change that requires buy-in. You have a presentation to give and it has to be good.

Tell your story in a way that’s clear, concise and memorable.

Presenting to Inspire Action

Whether you’re making policy recommendations, pitching to a client, training a team, or delivering a keynote, the prospect of delivering a persuasive presentation can be daunting.

This workshop gives you the tools to prepare and deliver your next presentation in a way that moves audiences to action. Using a real-work presentation, you’ll learn to distil your ideas, organize your narrative and find your unique strengths as a presenter. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be delivering your presentation clearly, simply, and engagingly.

The result? The next time you present your ideas, your audience acts on them. Imagine that.

Data-driven Presentations

Explaining complex data – especially to a non-technical audience – isn’t easy. Ideas get lost in translation, signals get lost in the noise, and your chance for understanding and buy-in slips away. How do you simplify complicated information without dumbing it down?

This session helps technical professionals organize information, synthesize concepts, and clarify the story behind the numbers. You’ll learn to speak more spontaneously about your work and data in ways that engage and connect with people outside your field. Whereas before you got blank looks and shallow questions, now you’ll find head nods and meaningful engagement.


The Elevator Pitch

Quick, 30 seconds: Tell me what you do. Or describe your latest project. Or pitch me your big idea. Go! Great connections are often unplanned. Networking events, client meetings or a chance encounter can all demand a quick and compelling explanation of the value of you provide.

In this session, you’ll learn how to develop a concise, compelling message, and deliver it in a way that’s authentic, conversational and jargon-free.  After this session, you’ll be ready to venture into the unknown equipped with a knockout elevator pitch: one that makes a listener’s face light up as they say, “Oh, yeah, I get it. Tell me more.”

Virtual Meetings

Sure, a face-to-face meeting is so more effective than a conference call. But in our age of always-on technology, mobile workforces, and collaboration with colleagues thousands of miles away, it’s technology that gets you in the same room. In a virtual meeting, you can either be a non-presence or one that effectively focuses attention and moves the discussion forward.

This half-day workshop equips you with tips and tools to keep your listeners engaged and off email, social media or Candy Crush. Say goodbye to awkward silences, start-and-stop exchanges, and sidelong glances, and say hello to virtual meetings that are more productive, engaging, and dynamic.