Leadership Communication for Women in the Workforce

Power Up: Leadership Presence for Women

Authority meets Authenticity.  It’s a powerful combination.

Cleopatra was not only legendary for her political skill and magnetism.  She was a strategic thinker and legendary speaker.  Her powers of persuasion saved her life many times, and inspired a nation and a new world order.   From the Queen of the Nile to Joan of Arc to Wonderwoman to Hilary Clinton, we will explore the power of iconic women to persuade and inspire through dynamic communication.

For years, research has shown that organizations with a gender balance at the senior leadership level are more innovative, stable, and – that’s right – more profitable.  If you want to encourage more women to “lean in”, help them crack the glass ceiling  with this dynamic program. If you are a woman who would like to be seen and heard at work, this program is for you.

This is not a program to “fix” women, but rather to empower women in the workforce to know their value and share it with confidence.  Participants will gain confidence in developing their own regal presence, by expressing themselves with authenticity and power in meetings, boardrooms, presentations and phone calls. Cutting edge research meets practical tools for change.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify both internal and external barriers to powerful communication
  • Understand your communication strengths, challenges and preferences
  • Forget about “fixing” your style.  Leverage your strengths.  Develop new ones.
  • Learn why women are often natural communicators
  • Understand the elements of clear messaging and powerful non-verbal delivery
  • Craft messages that are clear, concise and engaging
  • Analyze your audience to connect, persuade and inspire
  • Learn strategies to ease presentation anxiety
  • Delight in the opportunity to speak off the cuff
  • Gain strategies to manage any interaction with confidence
  • Adapt to audience communication styles
  • Take the stage (or throne) with confidence, clarity and control

Course includes videotaping and customized feedback to cement learning.  (Group size is limited to optimize one-on-one coaching and feedback)


Communication Skills for Women in the Workforce

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